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Wes phasing out of manufacturing!

Wes is cutting back (retiring somewhat) from equipment business but check to see what we have in stock or can build for you.


Decker Deluxe Pack Saddle $235



Decker Light $185


A little smaller than the Deluxe saddle and does not pivot to fit wider animals.


Chest strap $18


Crouper (goes behind under tail) $12


I recommend the use of these items if you are leading llamas in a string or may get off trail into rugged terrain.



Spinal clearance Pad $28


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Deluxe Panniers $225




River Pannier set $155


Colors available; Red, Forest Green, Royal Blue, and Orange

Check to see if we have them made up if you are in a hurry.


Tether Strap $10

Stake $5


All straps made from nylon webbing.

We use a bull snap on the tether line that stays closed even if the llama drags his nose through the brush.


Halter $15

Colors Red, Royal Blue, Black, and Green in Large, XL, XXL. We use XL on most of our packers.

Lead Rope $8


Nose loop stays open while you are haltering. The way Wes designed these halters they will never wear out.
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