Wes Phasing out!

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The most versatile and sturdy mountain pack saddle on the market. It will fit all size animals, and is designed to take tied on loads as well as standard pack bags. Because of its contoured boards and clinging pivotal feature, it will stay in place in steep terrain, where other saddles slide forward and backward continually. It is constructed from Alder hardwood, stainless steel and heavy nylon rigging with horse-type mohair blend cinches and with buckle and latigo cinch option. This option means you can easily switch from using the cinch latigoes to using buckled straps. The best saddle for beginners or experts. Children can ride on it and hold on to the bars! We have a felt pad that slips over the saddle for that purpose ($10.00).

Wes Phasing out of manufacturing


 "Black Thunder" wears a Llama Decker Saddle.

and Spinal Clearance pad


 Llama Decker  $235.00


Chest strap








         New saddle showing chest strap

New saddle design with string along hitch and

buckle and/or tie cinches.