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21207 South Cameron Road, Rockford, Washington 99030 (208) 406-1382

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Machinery design and innovation, welding, tube bending and shop work

Llama Decker Pack Saddle
Pack Gear

Llama/Pony buggy
Llama Chutes

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DRIVING TEAM Sonny and Speckles $2500

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Welcome to our website.

We raise our own special breed of pack llamas and design and fabricate many kinds of custom equipment. The Llama Connection was formed in 1989 after it's founder Wes Holmquist, and his wife Ann, hauled ten llamas home to Pocatello, Idaho to train and sell for packing in the rugged Rocky Mountains. Wes is cutting back. I'm retiring from the pack equipment business, generally, but still have many things in stock. Still like to design things for folks. Give us a call.

Wes training the young boys

Did you know that Wes has several US patents? If we can design and build something for you send us an email at or call Wes at (208) 406-1382

Custom made
Wes can design and build almost anything. 

Llama Decker Saddle
Our pack saddles and gear are all designed by Wes and guaranteed to do the job.

Pivoting seat Chair
Patent # 5,673,970      Easy in - Easy Out Chair