Welding, tubing bending, other shop work

 Travois for Leah

and car seat attached below



Mink Grading Table


We worked in conjunction with Roger and Kent Griffith in Preston, Idaho to create mink manure loading machinery and grading tables shown below.

My inventing started 48 years ago in FFA welding, when I made a unique automatic watering trough for livestock and a 4' X 8' bolt storage cabinet still used by my brother on the farm today.

See the travois I designed to take Leah in the mountains. Saddle also accepts a special car seat too so she can ride the llama.

I designed my shop and house and was the general contractor. I have been involved in many improvement designs. Corner pivot sprinklers (Mel Brown Pump Company), trailers, llama chutes, calf branding tables, patented orthopedic chairs, pipe moving machines, and the referred to  mink equipment are some of the projects with which I have been involved. Welding, Industrial sewing , and carpentry are some of our endeavors.

What I am saying - "I can help you design something unique and useful that works," for you!